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Holistic Professionals of Color
We Heal Ourselves We Heal Our Communities

We unify and mobilize Holistic Professionals of Color. The vision of HPOC is to support, assist and spotlight holistic health industry professionals, equitable research practices, the validation of ancient healing modalities and ensure BIPOC voices are included in the holistic health narrative.


  • Provide necessary training and accreditation

  • Reaching minority Holistic Professionals

  • Bring about awareness of Holistic professionals of Color

  • Network of agents throughout the US

  • Building bridges between HPOC members and suppliers

The National Institute of Health reports 1 in 3 in the United States seek holistic health solutions.

HPCA reports 2 in 3 members of the BIPOC community seek holistic health solutions.


*Helps community members and the community at large to understand holistic health

*Address disparities in BIPOC health outcomes

*Highlights the need to recognize the shortcomings of conventional healthcare

*Highlights the need for a holistic approach

*Provides evidence supporting holistic approaches

*Creates collaborative and strategic partnerships for holistic health 

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As featured in

Secret for Sistahs

Womb Wellness



Holistic Professionals of Color Certification and Accreditation Board was established in 2018. 

We are dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image inclusive of the biological and physiological differences of people of color.

The Holistic Professionals of Color is made up of NDs, DCs, OMDs, PhDs, RNs, Herbalists, Health Coaches, and other “drugless” practitioners.

HPOC does not discriminate on race or ethnicity. Anyone who is dedicated to ensuring equitable holistic healthcare practices can be certified as a Holistic Professional of Color.

Benefits include a listing on our directory, educational discounts, reduced conference fees, and a socio-professional stamp that you are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in your practice. 

So if you are interested in becoming board certified by this organization, and you value being part of an affiliation comprised of your peers – Apply Today!


Who is eligible to apply for Board Certification?


Any practitioner who practices “drugless” therapies or methodologies.

Do you charge an annual fee?

There is a one-time board certification fee of $135 and an application fee of $25.

 Yearly membership is $99 granting access to all benefits. A “Certificate of Membership” will be issued annually.

Can we get a company discount for multiple members?

Yes, if two or more people in the same office join. Call us for details.

Do I need to graduate from a school listed on your site to be eligible to join?

No, we recognize all educational institutions. Once we receive your application and documentation we will contact you if we have questions. You will be required to take two continuing education classes annually to maintain your board certification with HPOC.

How long does it take to complete the process of evaluation to be approved?

Once we receive a completed application and application, it generally takes 1 - 3 business days to complete our evaluation.  On occasion, we might have follow-up questions. If so, you'll be contacted by one of our certifiers. Once approved you'll letter of acceptance, followed by your certificate and wallet-size card. 

Apply Here

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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