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Reclaiming Our Roots: Why Roots of Wellness Month Is Like the Best Family Reunion Ever

Welcome to the Family Gathering of Healing!

Roots of Wellness Month is almost over, folks! Think of this month as the ultimate family reunion, but instead of awkward small talk, you’re getting back in touch with your great-great-grandma’s herbal remedies and your uncle’s almost-magical, soul-soothing foods. It’s a month dedicated to empowering the Black community through holistic health and wellness practices that have deep roots in African and African American traditions.

Why We Need to Talk About Sankofa and Soul Food

Sankofa isn’t just a beautiful word; it’s a call to action. It means "go back and get it," and that’s exactly what Roots of Wellness Month is all about. We’re going back to snatch our heritage from the jaws of history that tried to bury it during the tumultuous times of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and colonization.

Back in the day, our ancestors weren’t just throwing seeds in the ground and hoping for the best. They knew their stuff. Herbs weren't just for flavor—these were our medicines, our way of keeping everyone from babies to elders in tip-top shape. But let’s just say that not everyone appreciated our natural wisdom. Laws and colonial powers demonized, criminalized, and even made it downright dangerous to practice our traditional healing arts. They tried to make us forget, but guess what? It didn’t work.

Serving Up Healing: A Menu of Tradition

During Roots of Wellness Month, we’re serving up healing on a silver platter. From the soothing sip of ginger tea that settles your stomach to the comforting embrace of a warm sweet potato pie that does more for your soul than your waistline, these recipes are packed with more than just flavor—they're steeped in history and health.

Let's not forget about the spiritual seasonings. Music, dance, and meditation aren’t just for entertainment. These were, and still are, our ways to connect, reflect, and protect our mental health. It’s about balancing that inner peace with outer health, and trust me, it’s a game changer.

Why This Month Matters

So, why do we focus on digging deep into our roots? Because history wasn’t just tough on our ancestors' bodies—it tried to strip away their holistic practices too. But like the roots of the mighty baobab tree, our cultural heritage is deep and resilient. Roots of Wellness Month is our way of watering those roots, giving life to old practices that have always known how to heal us.

This month isn’t just about reclaiming what was lost; it’s about celebrating what never left. It’s about showing that these healing practices aren’t just “alternative” health; they're foundational, full of age-old wisdom that can help address many of the health disparities our community faces today.

Let's Get Rooted!

So, as we close out this month, think of it as your holistic toolkit being handed back to you. Explore the natural remedies your ancestors used. Cook up some nourishment that feeds both body and soul. Get in tune with spiritual practices that align your mind and heart.

Roots of Wellness Month is more than just a nod to the past; it’s a full embrace of our heritage. It’s about laughing in the face of those old laws and saying, “You couldn’t stop this underground healing railroad!” Let’s reclaim what’s ours, teach it, share it, live it. Because when we understand our history, we can heal our future.

So let’s celebrate, heal, and move forward with all the wisdom of our ancestors packed in our modern-day wellness kits. After all, isn’t that what family reunions are all about? Let’s make them proud!



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