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Eastern Shore, Maryland
President - Michelle Boulden-Hammond

Meet Michelle Boulden-Hammond

Michelle Boulden Hammond, MS CMHC, CLC, has long stood at the forefront of the intersection between holistic health and social justice. With over a decade of experience in naturopathy and community health, she has dedicated her career to closing the gap in healthcare disparities affecting communities of color. 


A licensed Addictions Counselor, Michelle holds a MS,CMHC Walden University, MS, Human Services from Liberty University and Associates of Business Management  from Strayer University. Her passion for holistic care stemmed from her early realization of the unique health challenges faced by people of color due to systemic inequities and environmental injustices and being a team lead for the State of MD Minority Outreach Technical Assistance Program (M.O.T.A.)


Fueled by a commitment to alternative therapeutic treatment and patient advocacy,  established the Beinspired Health and Wellness  Services. Community Wellness Center. She now professionally has created Momma's  Healing Sound 4u.Her business not only provides accessible holistic treatments, such as herbal therapy, auricular accupressure nutritional counseling but also functions as an educational hub for preventive health.


Michelle Boulden Hammond is a potent force for change. She service on the board of the Maryland State Health Commission. Her motivational leadership in health advocacy promoted this appointment from former MD Governor Larry Hogan. Her voice and expertise have echoed through the halls of policy-making, where she tirelessly works to reshape health systems that have historically underserved minority populations.


An accomplished public speaker, singer/songwriter  also has created respected guided meditation through sound healing. Ms. Hammond words have impacted many through her health columns in magazines, guest lectures at  and keynote addresses at national conferences on health equality and self care.


With Michelle compassionate advocacy and unyielding commitment to holistic health , she is not only an inspirational figure to those she serves but a beacon of change that shines a light on the path towards a more just and healthy society for all especially the community people of color.

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