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Local chapters of HPOC will cater specifically to the unique needs of people of color and serve as integral community hubs for fostering well-being, holistic health, and positive life choices. These chapters aim to bridge the gap between holistic health modalities and the distinct health and wellness requirements of people of color. Here's an overview of what these chapters will achieve:

  • Community Sensitization and Awareness

  • Free Community Wellness Events

  • Product Distribution

  • Educational Seminars

  • Resource Centers

  • Collaborations

  • Advocacy and MORE!


Tangible Benefits:

  1. Stipend or Compensation: Depending on the financial health of the HPOC, a president might receive a monetary compensation or stipend for their leadership role.

  2. Training and Professional Development: HPOC will invest in our leadership by providing opportunities for training, workshops, and courses to help them grow professionally.

  3. Travel Opportunities: Attending conferences, workshops, or networking events might require travel, which can be an exciting benefit, especially if expenses are covered by the organization.

  4. Networking: As a president, one would have the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and learn from leaders in the holistic health field, stakeholders, community leaders, and other chapter presidents.

  5. Exclusive Access: This might include access to premium holistic health resources, courses, products, or services.

  6. Health Benefits: Free access to holistic health services and products

Intangible Benefits:

  1. Leadership Skills: Leading a chapter can significantly enhance one's leadership capabilities, from team management to strategic planning.

  2. Impact: There's a profound sense of fulfillment in knowing that one's efforts directly contribute to the holistic well-being of community members, especially if the focus is on underserved or marginalized populations.

  3. Community: Being a part of a like-minded community that shares the same passion and goals can be deeply rewarding.

  4. Personal Growth: Taking on challenges, problem-solving, and navigating the complexities of leadership roles can lead to immense personal and professional growth.

  5. Increased Knowledge: Being at the helm of such an organization means that one is always at the forefront of holistic health knowledge, research, and practices.

  6. Visibility and Reputation: Leading a chapter can elevate one's reputation in the holistic health community, potentially opening doors to further opportunities in the field.

  7. Legacy: Leaving a lasting positive impact on the community and contributing to the growth and evolution of the organization can be a legacy benefit.

  8. Sense of Purpose: Such roles often come with a deep sense of purpose, knowing that every decision and action taken contributes to the greater good of promoting holistic health.


It's important to note that the specific benefits can vary based on the size, location, and funding of the organization. Potential chapter presidents should engage in conversations with the national or overarching organization to gain clarity on what benefits are provided.

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