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Jacksonville, Florida
President - Lakeisha Willis

Meet LaKeisha Willis

LaKeisha Willis
My name is Lakeisha Willis. I am a Certified Clinical Herbalist located in Jacksonville Florida. A few things to describe me are adventurous, compassionate, fun, loving and a people person. Most people would say I am the “Life of the Party”.


I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in Project Management. My take on life is work hard but play harder.

Holistic healing first started on a personal level. I started my journey first with an approach to changing my lifestyle. I was In the United States Air Force for 10 ½ years and upon leaving I was taking 15 different medications. The medications were a distraction and a burden to the lifestyle that I wanted.

I began to study natural ways to deal with the issues. I changed my diet and began to use herbs in place of the medication. The change has had a positive outcome in my life, this is why I started my mission as an herbalist to educate and present to the community a blueprint for a healthy life.

I later started my company Konsciouz Kreationz in 2020. As a former Business Analyst, one of my expertise is focusing on the root cause of issues. Konsciouz Kreationz is designed to focus on the underlying conditions of a person’s health concern. We focus on creating a holistic approach for the whole body, mind, and spirit. We have helped several clients dealing with hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, sleep disorders, and acute kidney issues. We are committed to forming relationships with clients looking to learn and build a healthier holistic lifestyle.

Certifications: Master Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy,
Egyptian Sekhem- Seichim Reiki Master

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