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Welcome to the Heartbeat of Holistic Healing!

Discover the ever-growing community of Holistic Professionals of Color dedicated to promoting holistic health and traditional healing practices across the United States.

Why Seek a Chapter Near You?

Bridging the Gap

Dive deep into the knowledge and practices that have been nurtured by our ancestors. Every chapter is committed to addressing health disparities in communities of color, allowing us to reclaim our well-being.


Cultural Connection

Reconnect with your roots. Explore diverse, traditional healing practices that have been cultivated by generations across various cultures.

Community Empowerment

Witness the power of holistic healing in action. Join seminars, workshops, and community events that offer both information and inspiration.

Locate Your Local Chapter

Our directory lets you effortlessly find a Holistic Professionals of Color chapter near you. Engage with passionate professionals who understand the importance of holistic and traditional healing in our communities.

Be a Part of the Movement


Stay Updated

Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on events, workshops, and inspiring stories from various chapters.


Get Involved

Passionate about holistic healing and community upliftment? Consider joining a chapter or starting one in your community.


Share the Love
Have a transformative experience with one of our chapters? Spread the word and invite others to embark on this journey of holistic healing.


Every Holistic Professionals of Color chapter stands as a beacon of hope, guiding communities towards holistic health and wellness. Your journey to reconnecting with traditional and cultural healing practices starts here.

Together, we create ripples of holistic change!

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