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Mexia, Texas
President - Siera Polk

Meet Siera Polk

Hello! My name is Siera, I am a passionate advocate of holistic health, natural remedies, and the innate ability for self-healing. Currently, I am deeply involved in the fascinating world of Natural Medicine broadening my understanding to effectively assist others who are seeking alternative approaches to achieve optimal health. HPOC has been a place of peace for me as I've become a Certified Body Alchemist while pursuing my PhD in Natural Medicine as well as taking advantage of many other programs to gain as much holistic knowledge as possible.

My journey into the field of holistic health is very personal. Being a young woman diagnosed with PCOS, I encountered discouraging predictions about my overall health, which motivated me to explore alternative solutions beyond traditional medicine. By adopting herbal medicines and making positive changes to my lifestyle, I developed a strong desire to spread awareness about the therapeutic benefits of these practices.

During the day, I work as a Data Analyst in the IT industry, where I use data to discover insights and make informed decisions. However, my passion for natural health extends beyond the conclusion of the workday. I am the owner of Decoded Curls LLC, which reflects my dedication to promoting healthy and vibrant hair using exclusively natural hair care products. I'm also in the works of building an herbal farm from land that I've acquired out here in Mexia, Tx with hopes of it becoming a central hub for a future community of healing and education. 

As I progress in my professional and personal development, my primary objective is to assist people in reawakening their body's natural ability to heal, promoting their overall well-being, and flourishing organically. I am eagerly anticipating undertaking this wonderful voyage alongside you.

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