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North Aurora, Illinois
President - Jocelyn Harris

Meet Jocelyn Harris,
President of HPOC North Aurora, IL Chapter 

As the visionary President of the Holistic Professionals of Color (HPOC) North Aurora, IL Chapter, Jocelyn Harris stands as a beacon of knowledge, passion, and dedication to holistic health and well-being. Jocelyn leads a vital mission, unifying and mobilizing Holistic Professionals of Color, and her transformative personal journey has inspired and empowered countless individuals.


She is deeply committed to fostering a vibrant community of healing, growth, and unwavering support while advancing HPOC's far-reaching vision. 

Jocelyn's odyssey into holistic healing commenced with a profound moment - a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2012. Instead of succumbing to despair, this moment became a powerful catalyst for personal change and transformation. With unwavering determination and an exploration of alternative holistic modalities, including meditation, yoga, juice therapy, nutrition, herbalism, and mindfulness, Jocelyn discovered healing and unearthed her profound life purpose.


Fueled by an unyielding desire to share the life-altering benefits of holistic healing, Jocelyn founded msIAMTHECURE. This non-profit organization is a guiding light for women grappling with autoimmune diseases. Through this impactful platform, Jocelyn has touched the lives of many, offering guidance and support and the invaluable gift of hope to those navigating similar health challenges. 

In recognition of the paramount significance of holistic well-being, Jocelyn embarked on a path of knowledge acquisition and mastery.


She has achieved certification as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach and certifications in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion. Notably, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, further enriching her expertise and dedication to holistic health. 

Vision for HPOC North Aurora, IL Chapter: 

As the esteemed leader of the HPOC North Aurora, IL Chapter, Jocelyn is firmly committed to establishing an inclusive and empowering space for individuals passionate about holistic health. Her alignment with HPOC's powerful vision involves actively supporting, assisting, and spotlighting holistic health industry professionals, advocating for equitable research practices, validating ancient healing modalities, and ensuring BIPOC voices resound throughout the holistic health narrative. With her profound understanding of the transformative power of holistic practices, Jocelyn envisions a community where members can freely share their stories, find unwavering support, and embark on transformative journeys of healing and self-discovery. 

Community Outreach and Comprehensive Programs: 

Under Jocelyn's visionary leadership, the HPOC North Aurora, IL Chapter is dedicated to serving the community comprehensively. They offer various outreach programs, including wellness fairs, guest speaker series, mentorship programs, youth education initiatives, book clubs, workshops, seminars, and more. These initiatives reflect Jocelyn’s commitment to addressing the unique biological, physiological, spiritual, and historical needs of people of color. 

Journey with Jocelyn and the HPOC North Aurora, IL Chapter as they illuminate pathways to holistic well-being, heal communities, and contribute to a future where holistic health is inclusive, transformative, and accessible to all.  

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